For over 9 years C-WELL PICTURES has provided photography, and video services to hundreds of clients nation wide, and we continue to provide this service everyday. We cover weddings, commercials, documentaries, professional head shots and Electronic Press Kits. With each project we create inspiring pictures. We believe photography isn’t about superficial looks but about character and quality. Each image we create, we expect to elevate the mind of the viewers and inspire them for greatness.

The Story Process 

Stories are all around us and I first look for goodness & greatness in the people I photograph, or even just a part of them that others don’t see such as a pensive, calm, focused, excited, joyful look and I capture it (usually candid) and there are times I direct them so I can get exactly what I am looking for. My ideas are sometimes based on what I am going thru in life sometimes it can be as simple as clothing (old fashion kind) that spark an idea into my head, sometimes it’s a particular look & style a person has that makes me think that they will be great to capture, so overall I draw inspiration from life and then I plan and execute. – Karlon Cromwell, Founder

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